Q. What is fast-casual or counter service? I am confused?

A: Well, we realized maybe counter service doesn’t explain it, it’s kind of an industry term. So let’s check in with Wikipedia:


fast-casual restaurant does not offer full table service. Still, it advertises higher quality food than fast-food restaurants, with fewer processed ingredients. It is an intermediate concept between fast food and casual dining.

Some fast casuals even serve drinks! And so will all of ours! Adult milkshakes (vegan, too) are not going anywhere.

Q: Why are you switching to counter service?

A: From the higher-ups: “We wanted to create a way for our guests to enjoy their dining experience on their own time. With counter service, guests will not have to wait on anyone for a check or to get an order taken, that will already be done once they place their order upon arrival. In addition, we’ll have kiosks for faster, and easier re-ordering. 

We are allowing the customers to choose how long they would like to dine with us, where they feel most comfortable to sit and lessen the time between constant interaction with other strangers and staff. We want to create a safe and healthy environment for everyone.”

Q: But, I miss having someone wait on me… *sniffle*

A: No problem! We get it! When we can, the bar will be available for full service,

Q: So just Hot Chip, right?

A: Nope, all Championship Dining restaurants. Which include Porch, Mr. Pizza, and Lettuce Unite.

Q: You had waitstaff at Lettuce Unite?

A: No, we just didn’t want to leave it out.

Q: When will all this happen?

A: Each place has its own set of challenges. Hot Chip is almost there. It’s really just a matter of fine-tuning our POS System, getting kiosks put into place, and finalizing menus since we are permanently combining Hot Chip and Vegan Hot Chip.

Q: Wait, what? First, what’s POS and no Vegan Hot Chip?????? *whine*

A: Oh, sorry, another industry term. Point of Sales or basically our till system. No! Vegan Hot Chip and Hot Chip have spent the last 90 DAYS getting to know each other, and they’re staying together. We will still have your favorite vegan items (including milkshakes, nachos, and, of course, burgers.)

Q: What about Porch and Cellar?

A: Glad you asked! First, it’s just Porch, Cellar closed a while ago, and even though the two names flowed nicely together, Cellar was always a separate identity/place/restaurant. So, for the summer, the Cellar space will remain closed until we figure out this virus thing and how that little space can get up and running and what it will be. Back to Porch, for a short period of time because we are remodeling the dining room we will continue with the original Porch menu and if we have enough staff willing to come back we will continue regular table service. All this on the patio. In the meantime we are working on the changes, and need a little longer to open the dining room. With the move to FAST CASUAL, we are rebranding and focusing on what we do best—fried chicken. We have tenders, we have wings, we have sandwiches with lots of yummy sauces. Not going anywhere is the fried chicken pieces, served with lemon and honey butter. We will also be smoking chicken, and that goes into some delicious bowls! Vegan options are in progress as we speak.

Q: Ok, cool. Hey, that space Cellar, that turned into Vegan Hot Chip, it is pretty cool. Porch Party Room?

A: hmmm, that could work…As a matter of fact, we have a “catering menu in the works for BIG orders, chicken pieces, wings, sides, it’s going to be an epic football season! Well, if we have football. If not, Netflix and Binge Eat.

Q: And Mr. Pizza North, what’s the plan there?

A: That one is in the planning stages. We have some great ideas now that we have decided to do the FAST CASUAL thing there. Out of necessity over the COVID months, we had to simplify the menu down to pretty much just pizza. We found that’s the demand, so we are sticking with it. Watch for *Slice Shack to open up in the parking lot over the lunch hour. Grab a slice and a drink right from your car! More ideas down the road, but we will keep you posted.

*name to be determined

A: Lettuce Unite, where is that anyway?

Q: Unless you work downtown and almost precisely in the offices located in the Heart of the City, you probably never even heard of The First Ave Food Court. That’s always been a challenge. Add construction all around us for the next year…it’s going to take some creativity to figure out what the next steps there. But, we are up for the job. Again, stay tuned.

Any other questions?

I think you covered it.