This is kind of a big deal. 


Our hats go off to Newts after a remarkable 15-year run… Rochester has a NEW BEST BURGER! 

It’s official, The Hot Chip Classic was voted Best Burger. It’s also 2020 time for The New Kids on the Block but that’s so 80’s, cue the 90’s music to celebrate! “To all my neighbors you got so much flavor, This is how we do it” So, Hot Chip has prevailed. We were told it was a close race. No denying that! We were up against some big guns. The hope was for a classic underdog Hollywood ending. With a Kleenex to the eye, we can tell you it has happened. 

You may be wondering what the big guy thinks of all of this. He’s the guy that gets old in the next couple the youtube videos. Check those out, it’s a good laugh.

Here’s Jerry Zubay, simply put.

Well, this is weird.

I was a co-founder of Newts almost 40 years ago. We had a great product that I was always proud of. After retiring from the company, Mark and David Currie carried on the tradition and built the two new Newt’s: north and south. There too, I was proud to see my legacy carried on as they won the best burger many many years in a row.

And now my kids, led by my son-in-law Chef Justin Schoville, created Hot Chip, and I am proud of them to take the honor of the best burger. I guess I’m surrounded by winners.

As the tag line for Hot Chip says, “This isn’t your dad’s burger bar”… literally.