I woke up really early, like 4 am, early, My windows were open, and the ceiling fan was on, and it was cold. I had to dig around and heft up my gravity blanket. Yeah, those things are 20 lbs of fantastic! I highly recommend! So this morning the feeling of change was upon me. Summer was coming to an end…

There was just enough chill in the air that I drifted down memory lane. Without opening my eyes, I stretched out from under my blanket gazing at my 9-year-old bronzed arm and leg. The stretch and chill meant even though I was still tan from summer I was waking up early because school was starting. Ugh! Already? I was just playing kick the can a couple of nights ago! I could hear the extra traffic on the streets, the start and stop of school buses, doors opening, shutting. In my head I ran through the rhyme. “bus driver, bus driver, let me out, as I squeezed my cheeks together. A second stretch sent me to high school with Stevie Wonder playing in the background ‘Don’t you worry “bout a “thing.” Still comfy beneath my weighted blanket I recalled planning my school outfit for the day. Stripped elephant bells and a peasant top was selected no matter how hot it got in the unairconditioned classrooms. I could hear the John Marshall band practicing and remembered there was a pep rally today. The final stretch got me out of bed.  With a sun salute, I reminisced about how it was almost a year ago ZZest Cafe closed.

I hadn’t planned on being retired yet, but my to-do list is getting shorter. I am still ready to dream more, think more, and do more.

So, because I can’t stop thinking, here we go again! More changes are coming to the Championship Dining group, specifically Lunch Counter, and Cellar. But, after my quick stretch this morning I also realized though it feels like it is September, it’s still July.  I have more summer to enjoy. A little more sun, a few more beers to enjoy and more pages in my book. By the way, the book is Love in a Tuscan Kitchen, by Sheryl Ness. She’s a local author; I know super cool right? And I know who she is which is cooler yet! It is such a lovely story not to mention Sheryl is a person who dreams! I highly recommend this easy summer read made all the more delightful if you pop a bottle of prosecco!

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