That’s right our patios, are open and ready to roll! We scrambled this year with our spring clean up! It snowed and then jumped right into summer, no spring. And for us, there’s much more to opening our patios than wiping off the tables.

We started with Porch, and although we had a patio last year, we figured we could make it a tad bit better. We added a “lounge-y” area up front where you can grab a cocktail from Cellar. Porch has some bomb a$s tables so we reconfigured the layout.  Both our patios are exceptional locations and a vital part of our businesses. We bring out our till system each year so we can be efficient. In the next few weeks, we will add a third seating area and some shades to keep the rain from blowing in and making those biscuits soggy. While it’s great to add all those extra seats, it’s a balancing act. You’ll notice in both restaurants we have designated some tables on the inside for waiting only.  We can then put all resources where everyone wants to be, on the patio. But, guess what, odd fact, not everyone loves to eat outside… what? We kept a few tables set up just for those that enjoy the air conditioning. And, the staff in Cellar thinks summer is overrated, visit them sometime!  A cool Cellar will be a welcome oasis come the dog days of summer. Speaking of dogs, you can bring yours! Well behaved leashed dogs will get a free treat and a little menu, plus a bowl of water.

At Hot Chip, Tropic like it’s Hot! The patio is fun upbeat and not your mama’s chardonnay sipping spot. Well, we do have chardonnay AND hula hoops! It’s festive, fun and full of Hot Chip. Here too we cleared tables inside for waiting, but we also have a great spot just off the patio with picnic tables, frisbees, and Uno to make the waiting zip by. If there is a wait, that is. Stopping by mid-afternoon for just a beer? Check out our bright blue soccer Mom chairs facing the river. Kick back and watch the world go by. Love air conditioning? We got you; there are a few tables inside. Bring your four-legged buddy (on a leash); he’s welcome on the Hot Chip’s patio too. Treats and water await. Son of a BEACH, it’s Patio Season.