Just the facts and then some.

Q- When did you start cooking?
A- I started at Catering by Design as a cashier and worked my way to cooking. Jeff Windt told me to head to the cities and learn all I could so I did. I worked at Bar Lagrassa and then at Marin Minneapolis under Chef Gustavo Romaro who later left and opened Calavera in Oakland CA.

Q- When did you come to ZZest Cafe?
A-I left Minneapolis to be closer to home and went back to Catering by Design, but again Jeff told me to learn all I could. He suggested ZZest. I worked there until we closed last September and now I work at Cellar Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The rest of the week I’m at the farm.

Q- What are you doing with a Hot Chip shirt and hat on then?
A- Haha, well I fill in for wherever needed. Tonight it’s Hot Chip.

Q- But, I’m hearing all of this is coming to an end.
A- Yes, eventually I’d like to take over the family farm. So I will be finishing up here at Cellar in May. Summer is hectic for us, and I am getting married soon.

Q- We will miss you! Will you miss cooking?
A- Very much! I cook a lot at home now. I really like classic Italian pasta and of course, bread.

Q- Any Famous or not so famous Chefs influence you?
A- I really like Heston Blumenthal.
Q- OK cool, but what about Justin Schoville?
A- Haha yes, of course, he was hands-on in the kitchen, and I respect that and also learned a lot from him.

Q- So you are getting married, what’s her name and where will you live?
A- Her name is Jenna, and she helps on the farm too, with social media and tours. We won’t be living on the farm but will be renting a house right next door to my parents.

Q- Ah, so you can run right over for the milking and the ice cream making, etc…?
A- Well, yes. We are working on new ice cream flavors and will have fresh butter soon. We already make cheese curds and sell a lot of them on Thursday’s on First!

Q- Great! The cows.. any favorites?
A- Yes, I really like Bruce.
Q- Wait… Bruce?
A- Bruce is a milk cow! I really like Kate she was the cow I showed at 4H and Jill, they are all good-natured. Some cows have attitudes.

Q- Well attitude, what about bulls?
A- We have one, this year it is Spanky?

Q- This year? what happens next year?
A- We get a new one.

Q- Wow, ok so he’s everyone favorite boyfriend for a year only?
A- Basically. The cows don’t all like him; he’s young. He’ll move on to another farm.

Q – Jill didn’t like him?
A- May didn’t so much.

Q- Cute… May, do they all have names.
A- Yep, every single one and the calves are named after the mother with the same first letter so, May had Martha.

Q- Cute, love it! Thank you, Lucas, good luck AND congratulations!!