Sometimes when, (unless you happen to watch Ugly Delicious with David Chang, and you need to, it’s so amazing!), when we think of chef dishes, we only think of perfectly coiffed plates with a swoosh of this and a dab of that.

I’m the last person to dis this style of cooking! But, even I (a diehard food snob) am not interested in indulging in that style of chef plates weekly, certainly not daily. More importantly, I have as much respect for an Alinea style dish as I do for a perfect burger at let’s say, Hot Chip 🙂

But, that’s another story, today let’s talk about chicken. We are checking in with our executive chef/owner, Justin Schoville to give you the thought process behind Porch fried chicken. Hint- unlike some dive bars and burger joints, fast and not, it does NOT come from a bag stored in the freezer.

Here’s just a little background from the Porch website.
“First off, maybe it was Justin that got too drunk (really it’s was Colonel Sanders, he may or may not have gotten too drunk to taste the chicken). Justin was at Congress Cocktail, attending the International Chef Conference. He couldn’t stop thinking about some piping hot bird he had the day before. So he went back to get his hands on more.
On his hour-long trip to the Jersey airport, floating chickens, visions of sugar plums, and smoked brisket danced in his head. He couldn’t stop thinking about that fantastic meal he had. Before long, Justin wanted to add fried chicken to everything: burgers, fries, soup, coleslaw, popcorn, ice cream, he couldn’t stop. His love for vegetables, and their misrepresentation, also came into play as he envisioned amazing sidekicks to the meat-based dishes. Then, it all came to him.
The idea for Porch came from the want, and overall need, for a brand new concept of a restaurant for Rochester. Here, we want to feed your soul, as well as fill your stomaches. Fried chicken really hadn’t been touched by many except the Colonel and Popeye (no Olive Oil required,). So, after his trip to New York, things were starting to fall into place. *Cue the motivational, “new-beginning,” music.”

Now, words to eat chicken by, from Chef Justin Schoville.
“The chicken you are about to eat is very personal to us. It represents hundreds of hours of trials, years of searching, and heated debates, to offer fried chicken that we are proud to stand behind. It all starts with our brine, made with heavy citrus, that soaks plump drumsticks and boneless thighs and breasts for 24 hours. Our dredge, made with rice flour for that crunch we all love, is next. Then, it is dipped in Kapper’s Big Red Barn buttermilk (a local farmer) and dredged again. The chicken gets dropped in our pressure fryer and cooked to our desired look and texture. Please feel free to slather your chicken in local honey butter, and don’t forget the lemon! We hope you can find the sensory joy in this experience.”