Our blog title is, ramblings, rants, and rumors, this post will address them all. Yay!



Cellar is closing “for the season‘ after service Saturday, July 20th. It appears like Friday the 19th will be a particularly good night to come down to a cold basement environment considering the horrid heatwave we are experiencing. Also, Saturday, July 20th Cellar is part of Gay Pride Pub Crawl see FB event post here. We are happy to report we will end our season in a big celebration. 

So yeah… stuff is happening this weekend in Cellar and yeah that’s basically it for the season, so there’s that. But the space in cool in both temp and environment so make sure you come on down this weekend July 19 and 20. Cuz yeah, that’s it for Cellar for the season


Ok well here’s the deal. We’ve been getting slack on using the word season. What’s the season? Why would you be closing partway through summer? Do you always close in the summer?  You have indoor seating so what effect do seasons have on that? Well, the season is just a nice way of addressing reality, (we were just trying optimism on for size). People (that’s you) really don’t want to go down under when summer finally arrives. No cozy spaces, no dim-lit rooms. It’s all about sunshine, patios rainbows, and butterflies. Try being the bartender in a quiet, lonely, yet chilly environment waiting for someone, anyone, to get sick sunshine and chirping crickets to come in. (See the blog photo, that’s what happens). The season is just a polite way of saying we can’t stay open because no one wants to come down. It’s a business decision, frank and straightforward as that. HEAT and 100% humidity changes the game a little and lucky for us the final Friday, July 19th is just that. And, we have friends coming on Saturday! (see above).


So, maybe we have something in the works… Perhaps we’ll make some changes. We have so many ideas and Pinterest accounts. How can we resist? So here the rumor starts. We don’t have it all figured out yet, but something is coming new to Cellar. Shhhh. Don’t tell anyone you heard it from me, it’s just a rumor.