Almost a year ago we embarked on the concept of Lettuce Unite. It all started with a logo design for our corporate name, Championship Dining. We were working on that and wanted a vintage, powerful feeling. As soon as I saw the fist, Lettuce Unite fell out of my mouth. We tabled the hand (at that point holding broccoli) until we were ready.

The logo and name were fun, and fun is really important to us.  The name Lettuce UNITE screamed manifesto! I had just read up about business manifestos. Before that, I thought a manifesto was something a uni-bomber sent to the newspapers. Basically, a manifesto is a way cooler mission statement. Well… this was right up my alley! I’ve helped write our mission statements in the past, and they are a little dull. Writing a manifesto was more my style.

So first up, what is the definition of a manifesto. 

plural manifestos or manifestoes

: a written statement declaring publicly the intentions, motives, or views of its issuer

  • The group’s manifesto focused on helping the poor and stopping violence.  

Yeah…. kind of uni-bomber like. But, after a little more research I found this exercise. Basically, get your staff together answer these questions and b!tch. Well, we can do that, we are good at b!tching. The article promised it would be cathartic, and fun, and will inspire content that helps shape your perspective. So, we cleared the decks, took a deep breath, a slug of wine and began with these questions.

When it comes to your industry what really winds you up?

What does everyone else get wrong?

What could be so much better if people only DID SOMETHING about it?

If you were King or Queen of your industry what would STOP happening RIGHT NOW!!!

This allowed us to unload. Mostly about elite Yelpers. From there we would spin it in a positive and more importantly FUN direction. That’s more how we roll. We like to create, laugh and drink wine. 

Check out Lettuce Unite’s manifesto here. But don’t stop, ALL the sites have some great stories. 

BTW, If we were the Queen of our industry? The answer was easy, OFF WITH THEIR (elite yelpers) HEADS!!