Championing the evolution and trends of the food industry. Always stretching and growing to bring Rochester the food we love from sources we discover, and to create casual, fun, neighborhood spaces in which to enjoy it all. More importantly, to inspire both the food savvy, and novice, to continue exploring and discovering new flavors and dishes.



We are Championship Dining Restaurant Group. Owned by Justin Schoville and Lindsay Zubay with some guided influence from a couple of seasoned veterans, one of them with an impressive 40 years in the restaurant business. And all of those years in Rochester, MN.
There’s a secret; this business is not for the faint of heart. It comes with long, grueling hours and plenty of dirty dishes. Add to that little pay (for some of us, none), and we are under constant review by some “very qualified and skilled restaurant critics,” *cough*. Stir family into the business and visualize molten lava cake here. It can get messy.
Having said all that, it’s also delicious, just as scalding chocolate can be. For us, it’s a passion or perhaps, an addiction; it could go either way. As a whole, Championship Dining is a hungry group. When we are not eating, we are talking about food, thinking about food, reading about food, and probably eating more food. Then, hungry for more.
When we started to add more restaurants, we realized we needed a corporate name. We think we are pretty damn good at dining and not too shabby at serving it up either. Like the scarecrow, we have had the brains all along; we just needed a diploma or testimonial. We awarded ourselves the title of Championship Dining and created a trophy, just for us.
It may seem we are engrossed in championing ourselves and our industry, but we are also going up to bat for the city we live in. You could find your foodie soul mate in one of us. There’s the guy that is perfectly ok with “just a ham sandwich on a white bun with butter,” classic eater, and therefore loves the Classic Burger at Hot Chip. We have a specialty food lover that keeps up with the food trends, and robust, balanced salads are trendy and now in our back pocket. Our menus in all places now boast both vegetarian and vegan options beyond black bean burgers. Be sure to check out the new VEGAN Hot Chip were we even have vegan milkshakes, boozy ones at that. This is all due to our forward-thinking vegan. Tying it all together is a talented Chef who knows how to implement all our ideas while mixing in his quality and creative way of cooking. He manages to do that while owning and operating all our restaurants. (The vegan is co-owner as well.) What a diverse group, you may be thinking. We are not lying when we say, combined, we have 100 years in the food industry. Add to that a Pinterest account with about 100 more years worth of ideas, we plan on sticking around
Of course, the real deal is, without our devoted customers, we would just be a group of semi-humorous, chubby, food addicts. So we raise our trophy to the essential piece of this all, you, our guests. We will keep on food fighting to the end because YOU are the champions, our friends.