Championing the evolution of the food industry

Championing the evolution and trends of the food industry. Always stretching and growing to bring Rochester the food we love from sources we discover, and to create casual, fun, neighborhood spaces in which to enjoy it all.

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Ramblings. Rants. Rumors.

Click through to our blog to gain a little insight into what goes on behind the curtain …. plus specials, events and other cool stuff.

beard burger challenge

We love burgers, we love beef burgers, and personally, I love our lamb burger and turkey burger. Bring on the meats! However, we have a Vegan on our team.She has been quietly requesting options over the last few years. I have to admit vegan food is...

united together to write a manifesto

Almost a year ago we embarked on the concept of Lettuce Unite. It all started with a logo design for our corporate name, Championship Dining. We were working on that and wanted a vintage, powerful feeling. As soon as I saw the fist, Lettuce Unite fell out...

dreaming up new things

I woke up really early, like 4 am, early, My windows were open, and the ceiling fan was on, and it was cold. I had to dig around and heft up my gravity blanket. Yeah, those things are 20 lbs of fantastic! I highly recommend! So this morning the feeling of...

vacation sauce

It's been a tradition to close our restaurant over July 4th. Actually its a few days before and after which gives the whole staff time to spend with their family and friends. So we wave goodbye from July 1 thru July 5. Note- Lunch Counter won't reopen...

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